Do intuitive readings change your future?

There are many things that can change someone’s future, one of them being free will. Intuitive readings are made to the best of the consultant’s ability based on the energy at that moment in time. Accuracy of predictions are a result of a combination of free will, intentions, higher good of all and other things, as well.  Psychic readings are to be used as a guide for future choices and decisions, not as something that is absolute.

What do I bring?

QUESTIONS! Questions are a necessity. Putting the questions on paper will allow your consultant to focus on the parts of your life for which you have the highest concern. Depending on time restraints, for example, for in-depth session, write out the thoughts you wish to present and explore. Your reading will be detailed with evidential significance; and may include the who, what, where, when and how.

OPEN MIND: an open mind is important to bring. It is an important part of your session. Coming with openness allows you to receive and be fully supported with expanded awareness during the session. Cindy uses her intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities to guide you in areas of love and relationships; career opportunities and business; guidance for goals and desire, and inner growth and spiritual guidance.  Many individuals that she has worked with may be feeling a loss or sometimes confused about their path in life.  As a result, the entire reading may contain elements from your past, pieces of your present and glimpses into your future that will help in both guiding and directing you toward your aspirations for a more-fulfilling life path.